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Chapter 620 cable decision
"How do you realize Piece of music Qingya?" Xie Yujia went to Hao Ren and questioned thoroughly .
Xu Ke considered Hao Ren in hatred with 18 pics within his fingers . In a matter of moments, dozens of biceps and triceps grabbed onto him, making scratches all around his body system .
They completed their Poison Dietary supplement Approach and leveled straight down from Qian to Kun . Nonetheless, their talents were amazing .
"Hao Ren is rather clever . The metallic-elemental dragon who sneaked in probably won't make any movements for now," Su Han considered as she viewed Hao Ren originating from a long distance .
The only real two aluminum-elemental dragon cultivators he was aware of ended up Qin Shaoyang and Xu Ke . This precious metal-elemental dragon cultivator who unexpectedly showed up of high level .
"Older person, I needed no idea that you simply even know the well-known Song Qingya!" Xu Ke compressed over and blocked Hao Ren's way while he reported cheerfully .
Why would Hao Ren be enticed by them if he have been friends with the famous singer Piece of music Qingya?
"So annoying! So troublesome!" Zhao Yanzi shouted out out of the blue as she caught 20 shots into Hao Ren's fingers, "Go ask him for doing this!"
These images were indeed delicate . Melody Qingya still left some comments behind each picture, demonstrating just how much efforts she dedicated to these photographs .
Hao Ren slightly poked him with two fingertips and easily clogged his arm . Additionally, it built Zhao Liren's arm very tender .
Xu Ke was obviously a extremely powerful aluminum-elemental dragon cultivator, but he pick to become a typical pupil . Hence, Hao Ren of course him the like of encountering a normal student's issues .
Lu Linlin and Lu Lili swept up along with them when jumping over agilely .
They didn't want to rage Hao Ren, nevertheless they couldn't treatment a lesser amount of regarding a freshman!
However, he would've abided by Dragon G.o.d Shrine's principles if the possessed something connected to Qin Shaoyang . Since this was the scenario, this aluminum-elemental dragon cultivator probably acquired something related to Xu Ke .
"Senior, I had no idea that you realize the popular Song Qingya!" Xu Ke compressed over and clogged Hao Ren's way because he reported cheerfully .
Cao Ronghua and also the other men looked at Zhou Liren's shots jealously . They wished for Melody Qingya's autograph on top of that, however they weren't as insane over her as some others . Also, they provided up this concept every time they noticed Xu Ke's scenario he was almost compressed into a page of papers while he still presented the images in his palms .
While she was Melody Qingya's fanatic, she didn't need to lose deal with by seeking autographs from your 1st-year university student . Nonetheless, she also didn't dare to acquire near Hao Ren all over again .
"When Zi plus i went along to Beijing to determine Zhao Jiayi's game, we couldn't get a resort to take the night, and we stayed at Melody Qingya's area," Hao Ren explained .
He was to a mortal now to ensure that he couldn't see Xu Ke's level . Even so, he didn't think that Xu Ke was just at Dui-degree .
Confident adequate, the girls circled Hao Ren when he got over those pics . Each of them achieved out their palms, requesting a picture .
The fact is, Piece of music Qingya's holiday to East Sea University settled another problem for Hao Ren unintentionally . Nothing else ladies at school dared to go after right after Hao Ren anymore .
They believed their constraints and retreated when in front of this type of big hindrance!
He was aware that Xu Ke wouldn't allow it to go after he got the great s.h.i.+eld .
"I didn't say a single thing at all!" Xie Yujia observed Hao Ren's teasing concept, so she squinted her sight and wrinkled her nose area in protest .
Hao Ren listened because he turned to browse around .
This cultivator's world was just concealed by some mystery approaches or treasures, but he couldn't conceal it from Yue Zilong who has been also a top Qian-degree cultivator!
Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus
Concerning appears to be, they couldn't do a comparison of with Xie Yujia, Su Han, or the Lu sisters!
"Older person, I needed not a clue you know the well-known Melody Qingya!" Xu Ke compressed over and blocked Hao Ren's way since he claimed cheerfully .
Yue Zilong endured by another windows, watching the lively landscape on college campus . Then, he looked toward the Artwork Gallery in the Art Establishing .
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"The steel-elemental dragon clan has been calm, nevertheless it all of a sudden sent out two cultivators of several realms . . . " Yue Zilong was shed in his ideas because he stared to the group .
"Steel-elemental dragon . . . ?" Hao Ren grew to be notify all of a sudden .
"I really believe Xu Ke will be releasing these photos reasonably . You can actually ask for a single providing you can show you are a fan of Music Qingya," Hao Ren explained in a noisy speech . Then, he patted Xu Ke's arm and escaped through the group .
"It's also risky . Arrive at my business office," Su Han mentioned .

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